Home Advisor to Remodelwell

Home Advisor is a great tool if you are looking to scale you lead generation. I'm going to give a the pro's and con's:


  • They generate over 1,000,000 leads per month 

  • No contracts

  • Nationwide

  • Wide variety of verticals


  • All you get is the contact info (you have to call and follow up with lead)

  • Leads are sent to 3 other contractors

  • You have to call the leads immediately which takes you away from your business

  • Shoppers just looking

  • Manage follow ups with leads to set appointments

  • Contact rate is LOW typically 40%

Here's some math to further explain the actual cost of a booked appointment.

Typically a lead cost ranges from $50-80 depending on your market. If you receive 10 leads at $50 that's $500. This doesn't include the contact rate (able to talk to homeowner on the phone)

Of those 10 leads you'll probably talk to 4 of them. BUT that doesn't mean you'll set an appointment with them. 

The typically appointment rate is 50%. So, of the 10 leads you'll only be able to set 2 appointments. That's if you additional stuff or a contact center to manage the leads!

This is best case scenario.

$250 for a non-exclusive appointment


Remodelwell offers a different way of lead generation. Here are some pro's and con's.


  • No contracts

  • No retainers 

  • Pay Per Appointment

  • Offers Exclusive and Non-exclusive appointments

  • Nationwide


  • Doesn't generate 1,000,000 leads per month

  • Currently only offer 4 verticals (Roofing, Solar, Kitchen, and Bathroom remodeling Appointments)

If you are looking for a different approach or tired of your current lead generation reach out to us. We'd love to help. We have upfront price.

$150 = Non-Exclusive Appointments

$300 = Exclusive Appointments

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